I’ve lived most of my adult life fully engaged in issues regarding children’s heath and welfare. It’s a passion of mine that started when I was in my early 20s and has grown more evident after having my own three children for over two decades.

childrenshospital1I started my career as a health care professional. I was a young, naïve girl, caring for the sickest children in the hospital. Some were infected with the HIV virus, with meningitis, childhood cancers, respiratory and diarrhoea illnesses, congenital problems, child abuse and many other social and health issues and diseases.

After having my own children, I gave up my health care career and immersed myself the child education arena, including funding for public education and public health and welfare for children. It was an amazing learning experience going from a hospital job to being out in the community and dealing with a host of other complex problems such as poverty, hunger, learning disabilities, living conditions, and other complex challenges children and their families face everyday.

To say the experience was humbling would be an understatement.

Within my own home, we’ve dealt with issues that parents see as problems children face everyday such as on-line safety, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and self-harm. In today’s world, the pressures our children are up against are immense and complex problems that need to be monitored. We need to be engaged parents, and arm ourselves and our children with important life skills and knowledge through education and prevention. We need to examine not only how we can best protect them from illness and disease, but also how we can help them navigate the social pressures in this technologically advanced world. Health and safety go hand in hand and Pediatricians, health care providers, schools, public health agencies and parents themselves all need to partner together to ensure our children receive the education, health care and safety they deserve. Our youngest populations are vulnerable to many dangers. I see this as one of the most important health and safety issues of the modern day. Welcome to my blog and read on about some of the issues that concern parents have and what are the most important global health issues that effect child health care.